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Chest pain when breathing deeply

Many doctors agree that chest pain is a common problem that patients have. There are lots of reasons why people have chest pain. Lung or heart infection may cause it but so can a systemic infection. This sort of problem occurs mostly with patients over 40. However, the underlying causes are many and chest pain can lead to a serious condition.

Causes and cures for chest pain when breathing deeply

Rib pain can also occur with people who have chest pain, as well. When a person falls or injures the chest in any way, it may lead to a broken rib. The symptoms are pain when inhaling and minor bruising in the chest area. For these kind of cases, cracked rib pain killers exist.

Hurting when breathing, can also be caused by inflammations. For instance, the left part of the chest will hurt when a person inhales, if he has an inflammation of the lining of the heart. Inflammation of the chest wall can cause this sort of problem as well. Anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed in such a case.

Pneumonia is a disease that usually causes chest pain. When the paranchymatous tissue of the lugns is affected by this sickness, you might experience a shortness of breath, sweating, fever and a cough. Pneumonia should be taken seriously. A doctor will prescribe powerful antibiotics and the patient will be under constant supervision.

When a blood clot is lodged in the pulmonary artery, a pulmonary embolism occurs. Like pneumonia, it must be taken seriously. Because of the clot, not enough oxygen can pass through and it will cause severe chest pain while the person is trying to inhale. In this case, a person should go straight to the hospital. If the block becomes even bigger, the blood supply to the lungs may be entirely cut off. This may even lead to death.

One more condition that provokes chest pain when deep breathing is pneumothrax. Pain will occur if air gets piled up in the pleural cavity in the middle of the lungs and the chest. It is usually some chest injury that causes this condition. Most of the time, this is not serious.

Heartburn causes chest pain as well.

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