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In the following article, we will discuss on the symptoms, causes and the possible treatment for the problem of low hemoglobin count. There are two words found in the hemoglobin; "heme", which stands for the "deep red colored", containing iron and non-proteinaceous, and "globin", which stands for "protein". So, from this we can conclude that hemoglobin is the metaloprotein that can be located in the red blood cells and it has iron in it. Hemoglobin is very important for the binding of the oxygen, which is sent to the whole body via the mentioned red blood cells. 1.36 and 1.37ml oxygen per gram of hemoglobin is the biding ability of hemoglobin. Problems can affect the count of hemoglobin and conditions like anemia are created. The adult female should have hemoglobin count from 12 to 16 gm/dl, while adult males should have from 14 to 18gm/dl. In children, normal hemoglobin count goes from 11 to 13gm/dl, while in newborns it ranges from 17 to 22gm/dl.

Low Hemoglobin Causes and Symptoms

Malnutrition can cause deficiencies in our body and this is the way most cases of low hemoglobin count are created. The most common is vitamin B12 deficiency. The problem of deficiency is something that pregnant women need to take care of, since it can easily happen in this period. The production of hemoglobin depends on the iron in human body. So, if iron is not consumed in needed amounts, hemoglobin count drops. Less and less hemoglobin is produced in this situation. Uterine bleeding, hemorrhoids and all sorts of excessive bleeding can cause the low hemoglobin count. Due to this, the red blood cell number drops and creates the problem in question. Also, the problem can be caused by the lower functioning of the thyroid gland or any type of hormonal change. The red blood cells can be destroyed by some conditions, like pernicius anemia, for example, which can cause the low hemoglobin count. Crohn's disease, cancer, kidney failure and most chronic conditions can lead to the problem with hemoglobin count. Also, using some medications and drugs can also be a possible cause.

The most common symptoms are hair loss, pale tongue/skin/nails (this is associated with anemia), heart palpitations, chest pain, breath shortness, exhaustion after physical activity, lightheaded sensation, dizziness, weakness, tiredness, and fatigue.


Supplements are advised for the pregnant women, especially calcium and iron supplements. This will ensure that no deficiency is created and it will protect the baby's health. A diet is very important and preventing the low hemoglobin count can be achieved with a simple and healthy diet. Include a lot of fresh green vegetables in your diet, and the level of hemoglobin will remain normal. The ones who are suffering from anemia caused by iron deficiency should take the supplements of iron. Remember to see a doctor is the following advice is not giving any results.

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