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Pregnancy results in a different hormonal cocktail, and the uterus places additional pressure on parts of the digestive system. If you are a pregnant woman with indigestion, know that this is very common eight out of every ten expectant mothers has digestion problems at some point during their pregnancy. Thankfully, there are some solutions.

Symptoms of indigestion When you are pregnant, you will be experiencing so many pregnancy signs and symptoms that it can be hard to know what the cause of your current discomfort is. Many women wonder whether they are going through a stomach upset when they're going into labor! So, what are the actual symptoms of indigestion? Pregnancy heartburn, which lots of expectant moms have, is closely related to indigestion. Then there's abdominal bloating, nausea and vomiting, and regurgitation. That is when some of your food comes back up nice, hey?

What can you do about pregnancy indigestion? There are quite a few things you can do to prevent digestions problems during pregnancy, thankfully enough! What are the best tips to keep your digestive system working smoothly while you have a baby on the way? Here are some tips for you:

The old mantra of eating small meals, frequently keeps morning sickness away. Later on, it also prevents indigestion. Avoid fatty or very spicy foods, which can make indigestion worse. Wait until you are done with your meal to have some water, and also sit down for a while afterward to give your body the chance to digest the food you just had. Reading a book or answering some mails after dinner is a great way to relax and prevent indigestion. Eat a health and balanced diet and make sure your weight gain is on target. Too much weight gain during pregnancy will also increase your risk of indigestion.

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