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Cellulite is one of the biggest aesthetic problems nowadays, which affects mostly the female population. Nevertheless, men can be affected by this condition, but it is visible much more rarely since their connective tissues are richer in collagen and lower in fats.

It is, in fact, the disorder of the skin and the tissue underneath the skin that is most commonly situated on the area of the thighs, but could be located on the bottom and stomach. It looks rather unpleasant and resembles the peel of orange, since it is actually the condition which is manifested as the appearance of the small liquid formations among the fat areas, locked up in the surrounding of the connective tissue below the skin.

So, consequently, this problem is tightly associated and mutually causative with the problems of gaining weight and eating unhealthy foods. That is, the fat is accumulated and settled on those spots, and it can’t be decomposed.

So, those are the most common causes, but sometimes the hereditary factor (e.g. a slower blood flow), age, and simply, not having a thin skin, can play an important role in the chances of being the victim of cellulite. The formation of cellulite happens when some processes are not functioning properly (in those mentioned areas which are susceptible to cellulite), such as the blood flow, the lymphatic drainage or if there is a problem of the accumulation of liquids.

The causes strictly associated to the female population

The hormonal factor also plays an important role among the causes of cellulite. The women’s hormones in some way force the fat cells to accumulate on certain spots of the body, during the period of growing and developing the female characteristics. Also, the grouping of the water molecules on the certain spots provokes making of the cellulite formations and it occurs during the period of being pregnant.

Other causes

Other provoker of cellulite can be a lifestyle that doesn’t include enough of activities, because it has very harmful effect on the blood vessels and it leads to inevitable weight gaining. The similar destructive effects the smoking makes on the veins, capillaries and arteries. This bad habit can cause a number of health problems, especially concerning the coronary diseases.

Related to the matter of the blood flow, the net of the lymph can be also damaged in those areas. If the lymph nodes are swollen, the similar kind of accumulation happens, and the lumps and dimples underneath the skin become noticeable. In the conclusion, one should be very careful, since these kinds of conditions can be worsened by the improper way of massaging.

And finally, the fat people are most prone to be affected by cellulite because there is an obvious law of physics, that is, the fat from the deepest layers pushes the cellulite to press the skin, and the result is that it is more visible and the surface uneven.

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