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Dry skin brushing is a simple and inexpensive way to eliminate dead skin cells, tone the skin and make it look younger and fresher. This method is easily done at home and if made part of everyday routine it gives fantastic results. Since skin is the larges organ in the human body, keeping it in good shape is very important.

Benefits of dry skin brushing

Dry skin brushing is basically exfoliating. Human skin sheds dead cells every day, and it is estimated that each person loses about a pound of dead skin cells and waste products daily.

Dry skin brushing improves circulation in the skin, which means that the skin gets more important nutrients from the blood. This method also opens the pores, making them easier to clean and allowing them to expel toxins and other waste.

Because exfoliating removes dead skin cells, the skin becomes smoother and shinier. It has more tone, it is softer and even tighter, and it regenerates faster.

Dry skin brushing also improves digestion and strengthens the immune system. After this treatment, the whole body is invigorated and fresher.

This treatment is also beneficial for people who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

How to do dry skin brushing

The essential dry skin brushing kit consists of a brush with bristle made of natural, non-synthetic materials, preferably with a long handle, which makes it easy to reach the back, smaller brushes for the feet, elbows and hands, and a soft brush for the face. It is also recommended to have a soft, clean towel at hand, and a chair to sit on comfortably.

Dry brushing can be a very pleasant, even sensual routine. The important thing is that the motions are always directed to the heart, in order to improve circulation and stimulate lymph drainage.

Brushing should start fir circular motions on the soles of the feet, proceeding upwards, from ankles and calves to the knees. Thighs, hips and the bottom come next. This area is particularly important because its regular brushing can prevent and reduce cellulite, which tends to appear there more than on other parts of the body.

Movements around the belly should be circular and clockwise, and in the breast and cleavage area they should be softer and more gentle, so that they do not irritate the thin and sensitive skin.

Shoulders come next, followed by the neck, arms, underarms and the back.

For the face, the soft brush should be moved in upward and outward direction. Scalp massage is also recommended, because it contains many nerve endings and stimulating it provides a fantastic feeling.

This treatment lasts from 5-10 minutes and it should be followed by a warm shower to remove dead skin cells, completed with cold water at the end, which improves circulation and speeds up the elimination of the toxins. The skin should then be pampered with a good moisturizer or with essential oils.

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