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Thrush among males

The fungus named Candida albicans is the cause for the variety of infections, gathered around one name which is thrush. The official name for this condition is candidiasis, and it usually affects the women, but it can also attack men. In the beginning, we will talk about the fungus that creates this condition. It is common in moist and warm areas and it is produced in the body. The most common locations are genitals and mouth. Because of the immune system, this fungus does not produce any serious effect in general. But if the situation is right, their number will start to grow and the problem will be created.


Types of infection include general skin infection, candida balanitis (head of the penis infection) and oral thrush (mouth infection). A very serious type is called invasive candidiasis, but it is a very rare problem, which is produced because of the fungus's entering the bloodstream. This problem usually affects people with compromised immune system. Medical problems and disorders can make the immune system weak and this creates positive environment for the creation of invasive thrush. The most common type is candida balanitis. This is not only the most common type of thrush, but it is also one of the most common conditions. People with weak immune system, patients with diabetes type 1 and 2, or those who are obese are very prone to this problem. The odds for the removal of this condition are good and the treatment will involve antifungal ointments and creams. To acquire them, you do not need to have a prescription to buy them at a pharmacy. There is a chance this thrush problem evolves and becomes worse, which will require more serious medical supervision.


Since the fungus that creates this problem occurs in human body naturally, the effect of it is suppressed because of the immune system. But if we eliminate the bacteria or any other effect that controls the harmful fungus, they will start to multiply. If we use antibiotics, they will eliminate the bad and good bacteria and enable bad fungus to grow. Keep the penis dry since moisture can cause the problem. Be careful with soaps and shower gels, since they can also be the source of the problem. HIV and diabetes, or other diseases that affect the immune system will require more serious treatment, because in such cases, the thrush is more likely to return if not treated properly.

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