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Mouthor oral, troubling whichever way one looks at it

Thevariety of herpes referred to in the title is also known under thename of cold sores. Itrepresents a viral infection induced by the infamous HerpesSimplex Virus-1. Even though thegreatest majority of herpes instances are known to be brought aboutby the virus in question, a significant number of cases is known tohave at its root the Herpes Simplex Virus-2, which is regarded as the major culprit for breaking out of yet anotherextremely unpleasant and troubling variety of herpes, i.e. thegenital herpes.

Thelatter variety is known to be transmitted by way of a sexualintercourse, whereas the former is regarded to be induced by way ofskin contact, saliva and mucous membranes. As for the mostfrequently affected target group, it needs to be pointed out thatthis is the one comprised of young children, given the fact thattheir immune systems are the weakest ones because they are stillgoing through development and are thus fairly weak. But this does notmean that all other groups are in the clear. As a matter of fact, agreat number of adults, as well as elderly people, are at risk ofcoming down with mouth herpes.

Eventhough mouth herpes is not regarded as a severe infection, incase it is not timely and properly treated, it has the potential andthe tendency to induce somewhat concerning consequences.


Amongall the inducers of cold sores, as already mentioned, the top most isskin, i.e. contact made through it. In addition to this, sharing ofsuch things as utensils, towels, glasses and linen, for example, withthe person who is already affected by herpes is yet another quitecommon cause of herpes infection. Also, oral sex with those personssuffering from herpes represents one of the surest ways ofcontracting it.

Regardedas the most prominent tell tale signs are occurrence of cold soresaround the mouth and on the person's lips, as well as on the nose,gums, neck, front of the tongue, roof of the mouth, person's chin, onthe inside of one's cheeks and, though rarely, on the person'sthroat..


Whenit comes to treatment, a fact that should always be kept in mind isthat curing this condition completely is not possible. This is oneof the reasons why the greatest majority of methods and treatmentapproaches are aimed primarily at dealing with the symptoms. Despitethis, deemed as effective in bringing herpes under control arespecific topical creams, and medications (e.g. Dynamiclear, Zovirax,famciclovir, acyclovir, Valacyclovir and alike).

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