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Another name for the mouth sores is canker sores and it refers to the small lesions or ulcers formed in the mouth that are either just very red or have white patches on it. It is necessary that about four weeks pass in order for them to heal, and what makes them worse is the fact that they can be quite painful and even cause dehydration, poor eating and subsequently the loss of body weight. Sometimes mouth sores can lead to the development of oral cancer and therefore, they should not be ignored but treated right away.

Causes and symptoms of mouth sores

Radiation treatments applied to the head or to the neck, poor mouth hygiene, consumption of alcohol and cigarettes and various infections may be responsible for the outbreak of canker sores. Furthermore, dehydration, oxygen therapy and lack of vitamins and proteins are also some of the possible culprits for the occurrence of mouth sores.

Mouth sores may appear everywhere in the oral cavity and they cause redness and swelling of the affected area, which may even bleed while eating or brushing the teeth. Soreness and pain, as well as burning sensation in the mouth, may also be felt when mouth sores are in question. The visible signs of canker sores include white or yellow pus on the tongue, large amounts of mucus in the mouth, and white patches on the ulcers.Treatment for mouth sores

Since the mouth sores cause pain, it is necessary to alleviate the pain first, which can be done by taking certain painkillers.Besides, it is necessary to take care of the hygiene of the oral cavity by brushing the teeth after each meal with soft bristle nylon toothbrush. The brush should be rinsed in hot water but kept in dry and cool place.The alcohol and toxin-free mouthwashes for rinsing the mouth should be used after every meal. Furthermore, it is recommended to always keep the lips moisturized with, for example, petroleum jelly, while the large quantities of liquids should be consumed, but only such liquids that do not contain alcohol or some other irritants.The foods which are spicy, too salty, too sugary, too hot or too cold should not be consumed when one has canker sores and instead of that, foods high in vitamins and proteins should be eaten.When the mouth sores do not heal for four weeks, it is advisable to go and see a doctor in order to get a professional help and certain other treatment options.

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