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Information on Watery Eyes

A human eye needs to be constantly moist in order to remainhealthy at all times. There is a lacrimal gland under the upper eyelid and itsprimary function is to produce tears.

Every time a person blinks the eyelidsactually spread the tears over the entire surface of the eye. If there are anyexcess tears they get drained through a duct towards the nose. This explains arunny nose which sometimes occurs when a person cries.

Causes and Treatment

When the lacrimal gland produces normal amounts of tears butthe drainage ducts do not function properly, the tears usually back up and getspilled over the eyelids.

The end results are tears that run down the face.When the tear duct that is normally used for drainage gets obstructed ordysfunctional in any way, tears get spilled over the eyelids but they also canremain stagnant in the ocular system and they can even lead to certain types ofinfections. If an infections occurs in the tear ducts commonly used for the drainage,a person may experience very painful sensations, and swelling in the innercorner of the eyelid.

Severe cases of this medical infection may require a surgicalintervention so that a new tear duct can be created. This surgical procedure ismedically referred to as dacryocystorhinostomy.

During the process a small silicone tube getsimplanted in the tear duct. It stays there temporarily to keep the duct open atall times until the process of healing ends. Obstructions must be removed andnew tear ducts need to be placed so that the infection can be resolved. A fewtests such as dacryocystogram need to be performed before the surgicalprocedure. Eyes can also become watery when something gets in the eye andirritates it. An irritation in the eye usually triggers excessive watering.

Eyelashes can also rub the surface of the eye sometimes, which leads toexcessive watering as well. Abnormal position of the eyelids can also triggerexcessive watering of the eyes. There are also certain other factors that maybe causing excessive watering of the eyes.

One of the most common causes mayalso be peeling onions as well. It is a rather common thing that a child getsborn with some sort of an obstruction in the tear ducts which are normally usedfor drainage. It can get resolved on its own, but if it does not it needs toget removed with surgical interventions.

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