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Causes of Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance may sometimes be hereditary, but in mostcases the lifestyle of a person affects the physiology of the human body muchmore. Hormonal imbalances can be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle, whichinvolves consistent sleep patterns, a nutritionally balanced diet and regularexercises. Hormonal imbalances can easily be induced by unhealthy meals, largemeals and a sedentary lifestyle. Unbalanced body chemistry can also betriggered by not eating well or perhaps working too hard without getting enoughrest. Undesirable hormonal imbalances in women can easily be induced by takingbirth control pills. The pills are efficient in forcing the body to follow anexternally prescribed hormone cycle and preventing it from following its ownnatural one. Numerous different types of hormonal imbalances can also beinduced by pregnancy in some cases. Hormonal imbalances in both men and women can easily be associated withthe process of aging. Menopause and its unpleasant symptoms are triggered byhormonal imbalances.

Treatment Options

Treatment options for hormonal imbalance depend on the symptomswhich are present. Most cases require testing of the hormone levels in theblood, urine and saliva, but in some cases there may be a need for genetictesting. All cases of hormonal imbalance are commonly treated by syntheticallyproduced drugs and hormones which are designed to be very efficient inmimicking other parts of hormone pathways and curbing the symptoms by doing so.Diabetes is commonly treated by careful administration of insulin in order tomaintain proper metabolism and a proper balance of blood chemistry. Syntheticinsulin has been available for the last 3-4 decades and there have been varioustypes of insulin mixes available lately. Those who suffer from diabetes areadvised to choose their food wisely and indulge in exercises. There is also a methodcalled thyroid hormone replacement therapy. In this method the synthetic versionof the hormone called thyroxine is introduced and it is very efficient inenhancing the functioning of the brain and boosting the metabolism. There arealso a large number of patients who suffer adrenal hormone imbalances. In thesecases, a natural hormone derived from cholesterol, called cortisol issupplemented with fludrocortisone acetate. Cortison is very important inimmunity, stress responses and maintenance of proper blood sugar and bloodpressure levels. There are also a largenumber of hormone replacement therapies designed for all those women whoexperience hormonal imbalances due to menopause.

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