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Breast cancer is very stressful condition. It involves a lot of emotional and physical suffering. Treatments given to breast cancer patients also contribute to the illness though their purpose is to eliminate the cancer from the body. Radiation is one form of the treatment that can cause severe fatigue and it may be necessary to wait for 2 months for this problem to diminish.

Symptoms of the breast cancer and therapy side effects can be relieved if you pursue several advices given bellow.

Advices for Breast Cancer PatientsRestEvery breast cancer patient must keep in mind that getting plenty of rest is best favor you can do to yourself. If you feel tiredness take a nap or simply rest to help your body accumulates the energy. Also, get a good sleep during night.

NutritionIt is essential for people who suffer from breast cancer to eat healthy. Healthy diet helps your body in fighting against the cancer and treatment adverse reactions.

Breast cancer patient’s nutrition should consist of plenty of protein since they are helpful in recovering.

You may suffer from appetite loss because of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and drugs. Additionally, you can suffer from nausea, vomiting, problems with chewing and swallowing and hard stool. All of this can be relieved by certain diet plan.

To regain appetite always eat in comfortable atmosphere with dear friends and family. If you are allowed have a drink. Different food every day can also help your appetite as well as moderate physical activities before meal. Medication for suppressing nausea can be helpful if you experience this symptom and vomiting.

Eat more often during the day. Always have healthy snacks when you are not nauseated. Meals should be simple, rich source of protein and with lot of calories. This refers to the fluids you drink as well.

When suffer from chewing and swallowing difficulties choose foods such as soup, apple sauce, yogurt, pudding, baby food and similar.

Also, you could use vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements for benefit of your general health.

SkinSkin can be damaged in breast cancer patients due to radiation. It can become irritated and sensitive. You should stop using soaps, deodorants and talcum powder if you have such experience. While washing try to keep surface layer of the skin intact and use gentle movements. Avoid spending time on very hot or very cold weather since it hurts your skin.

Clothes should be made of natural fabric and should be loose since tight clothing irritates the skin.

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