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The popularity of organic products has been increasing rapidly over the last years. People are becoming aware of all the chemicals used in cultivation and farming and of their potential damage to the health, and they are switching more an more on organic.

Organic products are obtained through a process that does not include any chemical pesticides and fertilizers and uses only the naturally obtained means of pest control and biological soil amelioration.

Fabrics made of organic cotton certainly are a better and healthier choice, especially on the long run, they are eco-friendly and more safe, especially when they are used for sheets, blankets, and mattresses.

Natural, organic bedding may be more expensive (even though the prices are dropping each year) but they bring a green touch to the home and improve the indoor air quality. Choosing organic sheets and mattresses can be a good way to contribute to the Earth and to reduce our individual negative impact on the environment.

Why organic?

Cotton is among the most widely used types of textile in the world as it makes up to 47 percent of materials used for clothing. Growing cotton requires great amounts of water and in some areas cotton crops virtually cause desertification. The demand for cotton is high and the farmers, in order to increase the production of their crops, use synthetic fertilizers and prevent the potential damage by using chemical pesticides.

Pesticide enter the soil, they end up in water systems, polluting and destroying entire ecosystems, especially those of insects, even though it is a well-known fact that some insects are in fact beneficial. The destruction of one ecosystem leads to the destruction of another, in a chain reaction.

It is not rare that insects become resistant to pesticides so farmers increase the use of pesticides. Chemical fertilizers increase the amount of nitrates in the soil, contributing to the increase of greenhouse gas emission.

It is clear how the organic production, by avoiding the chemicals, reduces the soil, water and air pollution and contribute to healthier environment.

Benefits of organic cotton

Choosing organic cotton bedding not only contributes to global environment but also to the quality of the personal, indoor environment. This is because non-organic cotton still contains traces of chemicals used on cotton crops, which can emit toxic compounds, like carcinogenic dioxins.

We spend so much time in our beds, surrounded by sheets, pillow cases and blankets, and by choosing organic we ensure that while we sleep we are not exposed to any toxic agents.

Organic mattresses are somewhat more expensive but they make a better choice than non-organic ones, which non only have chemically-treated fibers but they are often doused in flame retardants, which are harmful.

Organic bedding is now available in many stores and the switch to organic does not have to be radical. Start by buying a pair of sheets and then gradually complete them with blankets, pillow cases and mattresses, transforming the bedroom into an eco-friendly and safe environment.

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