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Dry throat is a a sore throat. Sore throat gets worse in the process of swallowing or during speaking. Dry throat is the usual inflammation process, especially during the cold winter. It is easy to treat, and medicines are to be found in any pharmacy. It is nothing to be worried about that much. Only if there is a bleeding include with a sore throat it is recommended to consult doctor. In this case sore throat is the result of some serious inner complication.

The Symptoms

Infection triggers dry or sore throat. The sore throat is recognized by swallowing, if it is hard to swallow or if there is a pain, this is it. Other symptoms that follow may be body aches, coughing and fever, which are basically symptoms of cold. Inflamed tonsillitis involves other symptoms, which are rashes, high temperature, constant sore throat and dry cough.

The Causes

In winter most all infections are viral, cold is also viral, and characterize a dry throat, and causes of such conditions may be different:

Smoking:Smoking cigarettes or pot can trigger a dry throat due to a dehydration process (and fluid sucking out) caused by substances in cigarettes or drugs. These ingredients enter the body by fluids. Marijuana or cannabis dries and dehydrates throat pretty easy. With addictions is not ease to quit, but is possible to reduce intake of such substances.

Allergies: Some sore throats are to be due to allergies triggered by wrong food, chemicals or environmental reactions can also cause the throat to go dry. Some house chemicals can cause various reactions including dry throat, the best is to take them out.

Dry Air: Winter season cuts down the moist of the air, and cold air gets often to be inhaled, which irritates membranes to dry off.

Botulism Food Poisoning:A poisoning can infect throat. The infection is caused by bacterium Clostridium botulinum. The bacteria are toxin and clog the functioning of nerves and may bring on musculoskeletal paralysis or respiratory problems. It takes on 36 hours to activate infections. It is important to consult doctor in case of food poisoning ASAP.

Vocal Problems:Shouting and screaming can irritate dry throat. It is not medical condition, because vocals get back to normal after while, no meds are needed.

Dehydration: A dry throat can be caused by a classic syndrome and that pure and plain dehydration. Not enough fluids make throat dry and sore, especially on cold weather. No salty food is recommended in such case, but drinking plenty of water is must.

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