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We will discuss on the issue that women may find frightening in the beginning. The topic of this text will be breast pain among women and this is a problem most women experience at least once during their lives; some studies say that 70% of women suffer from this problem. This problem can be different according to severity and the cause of the issue. While some women suffer from acute and serious pain, a mild pain will strike others. Also, the problem may attack one or even both breasts. In the following lines, we will see what can cause this sharp breast pain.


Non-cyclical and cyclical are two kinds of breast pain and while cyclical is associated and connected with the menstrual cycle, non-cyclical has nothing to do with menstrual cycle. First, we will see which causes are associated with the cyclical breast pain. This problem is associated with cysts or lumps, which is a problem only experienced closely prior to the menstrual cycle, breast pain, breast tenderness and swelling. There are several reasons why this issue is developed, and progesterone and estrogen are the two hormones responsible for the development, more precisely the change of their levels. Cyclical breast pain is developed because of the fluctuations of the hormones, and once a woman goes into the menopause, the problem resolves on its own. Now we move on the non-cyclical breast pain, which targets both or one specific breast area. This type of pain is mostly caused by a trauma or injury to the breast, improper posture, costochondritis, improper inner wear, breast cancer, tumors, weight gain and use of contraceptive pills. These are causes of the two types of breast pain, but there are other breast pains, such as pain felt by a breastfeeding mothers. Women can experience breast pain during pregnancy, and the cause of this pain can be found in hormonal alterations and the milk cells formation caused by the changes of the breast tissue. All of this causes the breast to enlarge and inflicts pain. Thrush, milk "let down" to the nipples, improper breast pump, bad babies suckle, baby's bite, nipple cracking and nipple stimulation are some of the causes of pain in the breasts felt following the breastfeeding.


Women should know that pain can be avoided by wearing a comfortable bra and by certain alterations of nutrition. Exclude fats and caffeine, but include fruits and vegetables as much as you can. Also, be careful about the intake of sodium. Exercising and healthy nutrition will reduce the weight, which will minimize the hormonal level fluctuation, while and all of this will lead to reduced breast pain. Cysts in the breast can be drained with the help of a procedure called cyst aspiration, which can eliminate the pain caused by this issue. Try doing some yoga or other techniques for stress managing, since it can help as well. You can use some medication that will provide only temporary relief and remember to visit a doctor if the pain becomes worse and daily living is affected.

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