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Pain in the one or both breasts is unfortunately experienced by many women of all age groups and nationalities. A lot of women become overly concerned when they have a pain in the breast and come to the conclusion it must be cancer. However breast cancer more often than not will not give you pain as one of the symptoms. Breast pain in medical terms is called a mastalgia and has not been studied to its full length so the causes are not understood fully.If you are suffering from a pain in the breast then it’s always best to see your GP if for nothing else then to rule out cancer. They will probably do a breast examination and possibly an ultrasound. Perimenopause can also be a cause of breast pain and is usually detected in women in their 40’s. The breast itself is marvelous organ which has the capability to turn blood, water and protein into milk and every month the glands inside the breast get ready to make the milk. Your genes will determine how much fat and fibers are in your breasts and will in fact change throughout your life time.

Causes of breast pain

Estrogen and progesterone are to be blamed every month for pains in the breasts as they will swell and get tender, the pain will differ from women to women depending on the levels of hormones you have. This type of breast pain can be made worse by foods and drinks like caffeine or salt but will not lead to cancer just slightly more pain in the breast. Contraceptive pills and hormone replacement therapy can be other causes to breast pain as well as antidepressants. One of the greatest reasons for breast pain believe it or not is stress, so remember to take a step back and relax in that monthly women’s time. An unfitted, tight bra may cause pain and tenderness in one of both the breast, if you choose to wear a bra then make sure you have your sixe correctly measured.

There are many different home treatments available to you depending on your culture. Some will take vitamin E, some suggest evening primrose oil and others say cabbage leaves on the breasts and wrapped with warm cotton linen over night. Basically the best natural method is to check your diet is in balance, have a look at your vitamin E and B and also your omega 3.

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