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During pregnancy woman’s body is starting to change and prepare for the baby. One of the changes involves enlargement of the breasts. Besides growing and getting bigger, breasts may also become more tender or even hypersensitive to touch. Women may also expect darkening of the nipples and the skin around them (known as areolas) because of certain hormones. Your breasts will additionally be increasingly supplied with blood and thus you may see some darkened veins along the breasts.

Many women notice how their nipples start to stick out and grow bigger together with the areolas. Normally, there are some small glands on the surface of the areolas called Montgomery’s tubercles. In pregnancy, these small glands may become raised bumps. Some pregnant women may experience leaking of colostrum from their breasts as well.

What Can You Do about the Size?

First of all, you should know that all these changes of your breasts are associated with the change in hormones during pregnancy. You can do something about it in order to be more comfortable and manage the changes happening to your breasts.

Some women may like the fact that their breasts are going to get bigger during pregnancy and some may not like that idea, especially if they already have larger breasts. Whatever your preference may be, buy some good supportive bra. For those whose breasts become significantly larger, there are cotton supportive bras they could sleep in during the night if they need to. Always seek for good support and deep band beneath the cups of the bra. Make sure your bra has wide shoulder straps and adjustable closure at the back. Front fastening bras may not be so flexible to adjust so you may avoid those. Underwire bras should also be avoided.

Breast Sensitivity

If your breasts become very sensitive during pregnancy do not be alarmed, because this is the way hormones are preparing your breasts for period of lactation. Growing and stretching of the milk ducts may cause this problem, especially if your nipples are extremely tender. For some women this sensitivity is welcomed change in their sex life, while others see this as mere problem.

What is Colostrum?

Pre-milk or colostrum is yellowish, thick substance which may be produced in some women during the second trimester of pregnancy. This fluid will be first meal your baby will taste before the actual milk comes out. Some women may experience colostrum discharge during sexual stimulation or massage. There is no reason to worry if colostrum does not discharge, because women may also produce the milk without this fluid.

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