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Information on Carrots

Carrots are among the most versatile types of vegetables asthey are extremely nutritious and they blend well with numerous different foodflavors. Carrots are remarkable sources of dietary fiber and beta-carotene andthey can be consumed in their raw form, cooked or par-boiled. It is actually aroot vegetable and it can be characterized by a range of colors varying fromorange and red to pink. Carrot is the domesticated version of the plantbotanically referred to as daucus carota which originates from Asia and Europe.The carrot plant grows leaf rosettes in the summer and it is a biennial plant.

The fleshy taproot is its edible part and its main purpose is actually to storedifferent types of sugar. The stem of the plant can be up to a meter in heightand it is characterized by white flowers. The plant also bears the fruit thatcan be consumed in a multiple variety of ways. Carrots can be digested in aproper manner even when consumed in their raw form. They need to be grated,sliced and diced before being consumed in their raw form. They can also bestewed, fried or boiled and they are always a welcome addition to numerousdifferent types of stews and soups.

Grated carrots provide numerous differenttypes of puddings and cakes with the precious vitamin A. Carrots are animportant part of numerous different types of diets as they blend well withcelery, cabbage and spring onions, among others. It is an integral part ofvirtually all different types of pet food and baby food. Carrot juice isanother popular form.

Nutritional Facts

Carrots are a remarkable source of different types ofantioxidant substances, essential minerals and dietary fiber. Carrots are also richin vitamin A and they prevent the occurrence of poor vision. They are also veryefficient in preventing and treating digestive problems, intestinal parasites,tonsillitis, digestive problems, piles and hemorrhoids.

Carrot juice can ofgreat help when it comes to increasing the water retention and fluid intake,especially during the warm months of summer. Carrot pulp is known for havingvery strong anti-carcinogenic properties.

Beta carotene is very efficient infighting the free radicals, reducing the damage they cause to the human body,slowing down the process of aging and preventing the degeneration of the cells.Carrot juice is also efficient in boosting the immune system. Carrots are alsoa remarkable source of vitamin E.

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