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It is a widely known fact that nutrition and various different types of nutritional supplements are very important when it comes to maintaining proper vision and improving the overall health of the eyes. Various different types of essential minerals and vitamins are known for being highly efficient when it comes to reducing the risk of cataracts and age related macular degeneration.

Good nutritional balance is very important for the overall health of a person, so it also has a very positive effect on the health of the eyes as well. Nutrients allow the normal functioning of the body, protect it from infections and diseases, enable its growth and repair it from the daily wear and tear. Vitamin A is one of the most important nutrients when it comes to the health of the eyes.

The best sources of this precious nutrient include grains, pulses, seeds, nuts, dairy products, yogurt, milk, poultry, fish, cheese, eggs, meat, plant fat, animal fat and fresh vegetables.

Other important vitamins include vitamin E and vitamin C. All the aforementioned vitamins are known for being very powerful antioxidants.

For those who do not know, antioxidants are certain types of substances which are very efficient in slowing down the process of aging, fighting off the free radicals and reducing the amount and severity of damage they cause inside the human body. The best sources of these vitamins include eggs, dairy products, seeds, nuts, Brussels sprouts, green beans, green peas, spinach, kale, raw carrots, peppers, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, dried apricots, grapefruit, kiwis and oranges.

Lutein and other nutrients

Lutein and zeaxanthin are certain types of antioxidants which are scientifically referred to as carotenoids. They are very efficient in improving the overall quality of the health of the eyes and significantly reducing the risk of age related macular degeneration. A great thing about these important substances is that they can be easily obtained from certain simple food sources such as fresh vegetables and fruits.

The best sources of zeaxanthin include eggs, oranges, tangerines, spinach, lettuce, corn, broccoli and orange sweet peppers. Lutein can be found in abundant amounts in broccoli, chard, spinach, kale, bilberries, mango, green leafy vegetables and yellow peppers.

Numerous studies have shown that copper, zinc and beta carotene may also be very efficient in improving the overall health of the eyes and preventing various eye related medical conditions. One should always consult the doctor before taking any vitamin supplements.

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