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Carrot Juice

In the following text, we will talk about one strange connection between cancerand carrot juice. Most people are puzzled upon hearing about this connection, but it is true. We will have to say that carrots are very healthy for ourbody, as we have seen from the Bugs Bunny cartoons. The connection between the carrotjuice and cancer has been made scientifically, and we have to say that thisconnection does not include cancer caused by consummation of carrots. Theconnection we are talking about is associated with the prevention of cancer dueto the consummation of this juice. We will talk more on this topic in thefollowing lines.

Health Benefits and Cancer

This juice is very healthy due to the mineral, vitamins and other nutrientsit has. Some of the nutrients that can be found in the carrot juice are potassium, sodium, phosphorus,magnesium, chlorine, calcium, iron and vitamins B6, B1, K, E,D, C, E and A. This is a very impressive list of nutrients, which can give youthe energy and nutrition you need. Cancer can be prevented with the help of the carrot juice due to this list of nutrients. Also, fight with cancer will beaided by the beta carotene contained in the carrot juice. When you have allingredients listed, you can see that the connection between the cancer andcarrot juice is nothing imaginary. We will now talk about the ingredients of carrot juice in detail.

Vitamin E isfound in gamma, beta and alpha tocopherol and these are three chemical forms ofvitamin E, called vitamin E complex. Division and growth of the cells dependson this complex, and in one study, cancerous cells have stopped with the growthwhen loaded with this complex. Cancer prevention will also be aided by thisvitamin due to the strengthening of the body and immune system it causes.Nextis vitamin A, which is wonderful for eye sight. There is 50 000 units of this vitaminin just 200g of carrot juice, which has even been associated with the eliminationof stomach cancer.Beta carotene is the next ingredient, which is beneficial onthe skin and breast cancer. This antioxidant eliminates free radicals andavoids the degeneration of cells in the human body. It will aid the cancerprevention and also decrease the aging process.

We cannot disregard othernutrients found in the carrot juice, which improve the skin, enhance vision,improve digestion, strengthen the immune system, give health to the bones and teeth andimprove the body metabolism. Carrot juice can prevent blood cancer, lung cancerand probably much more conditions than we are aware of. As you have seen, carrot juice will do wondersfor your health, and if you take it regularly, it will even prevent cancer. Sogo ahead and get yourself a glass of it.

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