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Health is something that should be kept at the highest possible level. It is not easy, it does require dedication, sacrifice and mental strength, but that might actually be a small price for what is gained. Healthy organism will be able to deal with some medical conditions like seasonal cold and flu more easily, there will always be plenty of energy for everything that needs to be done and libido will also be increased.

The opposite

Living recklessly and in an unhealthy way might lead to several medical problems and conditions, although it also depends on the behavior of a person. For example, eating junk food and eating more than necessary will lead to obesity, which is a problem by itself. But also, it can lead to some other medical issues that might be very problematic, and some of them are heart related problems and diabetes. Combined with insufficient sleep, which is the chronic problem of many people, the immune system will fall drastically and that will leave the door opened for all sorts of bacteria. Therefore, health should be reached and treasured for as long as possible.


How to maintain the health status normal? It can be done with the help of controlled, healthy eating, regular physical activity, enough sleep and if possible, with trying to keep the stress level at minimum (this last one might be very difficult to achieve). Also, all these things should help with the pace of metabolism. So, how to speed up the metabolism? The digestion process needs to work all the time and this is achieved by having at least 5 meals in a day, three big ones and two snacks. Of course, the amount and content must be moderate and healthy. Having food in the organism almost the entire day will make the gastrointestinal tract working all the time. Smaller amounts will provide easy passage through the digestive system, and food absorption should not be a problem. This all means that the energy will be constantly used and that is also achieved with increased physical activity. Performing all sorts of exercises requires a lot of energy, which is received from food. If that is not the case, the body will start using what is available, and that is usually the excessive fat tissue. This is why people who want to lose weight, should be very careful when it comes to combining a diet and increased physical activity, because if a lot of effort is being made, exhaustion might come, which is a problem.

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