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It seems that home workout is becoming more and more popular today, which is partially thanks to new workout machines, which are based on all-in-one principle. This takes much less space than before and can be placed in home. Also, there are new workout routines that can create the results that a practitioner wants. So, how to lose weight at home?
It is obvious that cardio workout needs to be done for reducing weight efficiently. Why is cardio workout excellent for weight loss? Low level of strength used in this workout enables a practitioner to exercise for a long time without a pause. Tiredness is evaded with the presence of the oxygen in the muscle contraction process, which slows down the lactic acid production. Lactic acid is responsible for the exhaustion of muscles. This is the classic theory, but it has to be mentioned that there are some new researches that might prove that lactic acid does not have much to do with the tiredness.
Cardio workout includes activation of several muscle groups through its routines, which includes running, all sorts of aerobics (step aerobic, jazzercise), pilates, yoga, tai chi, tae bo and there are classics like running and swimming. Dancing can also be considered as a cardio workout so it can be done too. The whole point of cardio workout is in constant moving of the entire body. This will activate basal metabolism so more energy will be needed, thus burning more calories.
One of the main advantages when home workout is done is that the schedule can be very loose. Actually, it would be for the best to exercise several times in a day for keeping the basal metabolism active. Old theory says that at least 30 or 45 minutes of intensive workout is needed before fat burning starts. New research says that the same effect can be induced by exercising several times a day for shorter time periods. Also, if preferred workout is some variation of aerobics, it can be done with the favorite music playing in the background. It might not seem like something very important, but it can raise the effectiveness for some small percentage, and for weight loss, every little bit that helps matters.
It actually seems that people tend to eat less when they spend more time outside. When at home, eating is usually done while watching TV or while working at the computer. Eating must also be proper, with 5 meals a day, and they should include only healthy food and nothing else.

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