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If you are one of those people who suffer from insomnia, then read on. Did you know that more than 20 million people alone in the USA have this condition and not to mention worldwide. It is a staggering amount of people when you come to add them all up. People crave just to sleep and the harder they try the more sleep eludes them. Lying awake for the most of the night and finally rising, feeling like you spent the night under a tree instead of your comfy bed. Many turn to homemade cures like alcohol but this is counterproductive and is bad for your health. Likewise, taking sleeping pills is okay in the short term but once your body gets used to them you are back at square one. Sleeping pills are also highly addictive and can lead to other health issues in the long term. So what is the answer you may ask, well, Neuro-Linguistic Programming known as NLP could resolve you not being able to sleep.

NLP and Insomnia

What we lock away in our unconscious mind can manifest itself into what we are, our habits, likes and dislikes and our very emotions. Go back to the basics and you will see that when we are born our only emotion is love. All other emotions are self generated as we grow based on our surroundings and the people who we are exposed to. Nobody can give you emotions like anger, fear, stress, depression and hate for example. They are literally self generated depending on what we are exposed to in life. When buried deep in the unconscious mind these unwanted emotions can be damaging to you throughout the life. With something like insomnia NLP we can explore our past and identify the root cause for the lack of sleep.

The Root Cause

Within NLP there are number of programs that can assist you like hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy (TLT). If for example an event occurred in your life, say as child you had a fear of going to sleep because the bogie man would get you. Then these fears, all self generated, will stay with you for the rest of your life until you resolve them. Something silly like this could ensure as an adult you cannot sleep at night. What is required to assist the individual is to eliminate this “bogie” man from the unconscious mind forever.

How Does it Work

The NLP Practitioner will assist the client as we will call them, into a nice relaxed state. This can be achieved in a number of ways like asking the client to stare at a given spot above head height without blinking. Talking to them softly and calmly will induce the unconscious mind to become more receptive than the conscious one. It also induces a nice relaxed feeling. The practitioner will then take the client back into their past to discover the root cause, i.e. the bogie man. Like a computer hard disc the practitioner will assist the client in removing this old emotion from the unconscious mind. This will now bring out total relaxation when it comes to bed time and the client then sleeps like a baby.

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