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NLP and hypnotherapy are quite intertwined. In fact, many aspects connect these two types of therapies. Moreover, most of hypnotherapists will know how to implement several aspects of NLP into their treatment. On the other hand, most NLP therapists are familiar with hypnosis and use it during their treatment sessions too.

Facts about Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy helps people get in a state of complete relaxation from which they can deal with their problems with much more ease. While relaxed this way, a person's subconscious part of the brain becomes open to suggestions which affect his/her capability of solving problems and dealing with certain issues successfully. This state is called trance and we experience it numerous times during the day. However, hypnotherapists manage to provoke this state of mind in their patients, so that they can help them overcome certain boundaries and problems in their lives.

Trances can be both good and bad, and we encounter them on a daily basis. For example, when you are reading a book and get completely drawn into the plot, forgetting where you are and that this is a book you are reading, you enter a state of positive trance. On the other hand, once you are overwhelmed by certain problems in your life, thinking about them all the time, being incapable of focusing on anything else, you are bothered by a bad trance.

Facts about NLP

NLP was developed by a computer expert called Richard Bandler and a linguist Josh Grinder in the 1970s. The two of them studied the ways of hypnotherapists who were capable of using their skills effectively, helping people overcome problems. One of these therapists was a psychiatrist Milton Erikson and NLP was developed from his own approaches.

NLP also addresses the subconscious mind in order to solve problems. NLP therapists use Milton Model language patterns in their therapies, leading patients into a sate of trance, usually through stories and conversations which are metaphorical.

NLP vs Hypnotherapy

During hypnotherapy, people are usually told to sit in a very comfortable reclining chair and close their eyes. NLP, on the other hand, will not necessarily require this but will use more subtle elements like conversation. Nevertheless, the two techniques have plenty of things in common, being quite similar. Either way, both of these methods are successful in numerous cases, helping people overcome their problems and improve their quality of life incomparably. Therefore, whichever you choose, there are great chances that you will get high levels of effectiveness.

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