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Nail biters are usually well aware of their habit and they realize it should be abandoned. This, however, is not easy and many people struggle for years without ever kicking the habit off definitely. One of the options that are offered to nail biters is Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP.

Nail biting

Just like skin picking and hair pulling, nail biting is one form of obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD. It can be in mild or severe form. Some people bite their nails only occasionally, for example when they are nervous or bored, and some do it all the time, usually without even knowing it. There are even those who bite their nails as a deliberate activity. They interrupt other activities to engage in it consciously.

It seems that nail biters find relief and a soothing effect in nail biting, particularly when they feel stressed out or anxious. That comfort is the reason why this habit is so hard to kick. However, constant nail biting makes the nails look unappealing, and they always have the specific “nail-biter” look which is easily recognized by others. People who do it often hide their hands from others, which results in even more social anxiety and stress, creating a vicious circle.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming and nail biting

People who want to lose the habit of biting their nails often see different types of therapists who will help them achieve their goal. Different types of hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming or NLP have become very popular over the last decades and more and more people resort to these types of therapy for nail biting.

Since nail biting is a stress-related habit, the person suffering from it first has to learn how to relax and stay relaxed. NLP has several different methods for achieving a state of relaxation and well-being.

The second part of the therapy consists of making the sufferer aware of his or her unconscious habit. The therapist gives suggestions to the subconscious mind about how to make the conscious mind aware of the habit. Then it is time to consciously decide to abandon the habit.

NLP offers techniques that help the sufferer “step out” of his or herself whenever the compulsion to bite nails arises. These triggers that are used have been proven very effective for this purpose.

Finally, there are methods of NLP that can create a sense of revulsion towards the habit, in this case the nail biting. In the end, the sufferer will be fully capable of successfully rejecting the compulsion to bite the nails.

Neuro-Linguistic-Programming has had some great results it fighting the nail biting habit, but the clients should be aware that the process is not very fast and that it takes time to get rid of the habit that has been unconsciously repeated thousands of times.

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