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Cooking helps easier digesting of the beta-carotene in carrots and beta-carotene are phytochemicals. But eating cooked food too often, made a specific changes such as smaller jaws and teeth, narrowed stomach, longer small intestines etc...It is a scientific fact that raw food are more acceptable for people who live in colder climates and are of a certain build. Eating raw food often includes Ayurveda, using traditional Chinese medicine and using macrobiotics.

Raw Food Benefits

There is a raw food diet, which is a special diet of raw & unprocessed plant food: food like seeds, sprouts, vegetables, nuts, beans, seaweed, grains, nuts and dried & fresh fruits. Heating up dish at 116F degrees abolish all enzymes in food. Raw food is sometimes better because it participate actively in food adsorption and digestion. However, it is a well known fact that cooking kills nutritional value of a food.

Raw food includes many health benefits such as weight loss, improved digestion, improved energy, improved look of the skin and decreased heart disease risk. Raw food has no saturated and trans fat and is pretty usual diet: it has very little sodium and plenty of fiber, magnesium, folate, potassium and phytochemicals. All this shows that raw food has properties which decreases chances for getting diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Some studies also confirmed that raw food lowers the concentrations of triglyceride and total plasma cholesterol.

There is a list of recommended veggies and fruits, which are beans, legumes, seeds, seaweed, dried fruits, nuts, legumes, dried fruit, fresh veggies/fruits, fresh juices, unprocessed natural and organic food, coconut milk, purified water. All these food shouldn’t be heated up but consumed raw, as it is.

Specifics of Food Preparation

It is also important to know the way to prepare food in order for body to properly digest food and that is a specific way of blending, the way of dehydrating food, the way of juicing vegetables and fruit, the way of soaking dried fruit and nuts and sprouting seeds and grains. There are very rare ingredient foods that are not easy to find on the market, but if it is found it serves very well and is: young coconut milk, Celtic sea salt, date sugar, sprouted flour and carob powder.

Side Effects

A raw food diet may cause detoxification if person previously had sugar, meat or caffeine. Beside detoxification, person may have nausea, headaches or cravings. But taking raw food has side effects as well. A raw food may not be suitable for pregnant women, nursing women, children, anemia patient and osteoporosis patients and sometimes can decrease a bone mass. This diet actually carries many risks due to a lack of nutrition such as iron, calcium, B12 and that way creating a higher level of homocysteine.

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