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Calcium carbonate is a chemical compound used in case of calcium deficiency and a few more medical issues. However, in spite of being highly effective, the very intake of calcium carbonate may be associated with different medical problems. Some of the most commonly reported problems connected with intake of calcium carbonate are edema of different body parts, loss of appetite and irregular bowel movement.

What are Calcium Carbonate Benefits?

Calcium is one of several vital minerals for the human body. It is a major constituent of bones and teeth. Lack of calcium makes bone porous, fragile and susceptible to fractures. Therefore, proper intake of the mineral is of great importance for maintaining health of the mentioned organs.

Calcium carbonate is a supplement available in different forms including tablets, capsules etc. It is generally recommended and prescribed to people suffering from calcium related health conditions (e.g. osteoporosis). This chemical compound is also a component of many homeopathic medicines. c+Calcium carbonate is an ingredient of drugs that brings stomach acid problems under control. The compound is also added to soy milk and several more food products. This way such food products become a powerful source of calcium. Finally, calcium carbonate is one of many ingredients used in manufacturing toothpaste.

What are Calcium Carbonate Side Effects?

Even though side effects of this chemical compound occur only when it is taken in higher doses, it is essential to be familiar with them and be ready to recognize adverse effects on time.

In order to prevent potential side effects the person may switch to foods rich in calcium. However, this may not be sufficient enough and certain individuals are simply forced to take calcium carbonate supplements.

One of the most frequently reported side effects of calcium carbonate is swelling of different parts of the body. The face, tongue and throat are commonly affected. This swelling is rather serious and represents a medical emergency. Another medical emergency related to intake of calcium carbonate is breathing difficulty.

Additionally, intake of calcium carbonate may be connected with irregular bowel movement, excessive gas formation (bloating) and lack of appetite.

Drug Interaction

This chemical compound can interact with different drugs, interfering in their absorption. This way, due to insufficiently absorption of the particular drug, its concentration in the blood is low which subsequently reflects in its inefficacy to provide with desirable therapeutic effects.

Excessive Intake Side Effects

Excessive intake of calcium carbonate is a trigger for formation of calcium deposits in different tissues. Furthermore, hypercalcemia is a cause of nausea, dizziness, decreased appetite and constipation. If the level of calcium rises even more, one may suffer from dry mouth, increased urination, mood swing, confusion or end up in a coma.

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