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A skin rash is a simple reaction of the skin. There are lots of things that can cause it like drug reaction, an infection or an allergic reaction. There are not many ways a skin can react and that is why there are other signs that will help the doctor determine what caused the rash. For instance, a history of tick bites and exposure to other ill children or adults are some. Recent antibiotic use and environmental exposures are some of the other factors that can cause a rash.

Certain rashes caused by viruses are nothing to worry about and will go away on their own in time. On the other hand, there are certain rashes that can cause severe problems to the child and even threaten his or her life. A proper diagnosis is sometimes hard to make since a lot of rashes look the same.

Child skin rashes

Everybody knows that children are more likely to suffer from skin rashes or some other skin disorder. The reason for that lies in the children’s sensitive skin and a weaker immune system. A child may succumb to a skin rash due to some bacterial or viral infection. On the other hand, there are rashes which occur because of allergic reactions to medicines and other allergens.


Chickenpox is a very familiar disease. This disease will hit children with weaker immune system more often than kids who have a stronger immune system. A large number of children suffer from chickenpox in their childhood. Even though the disease does not last for longer that a couple of weeks, the child will feel severely uncomfortable. Fever, sore throat and fatigue are the most common signs of chickenpox. Skin rash appears between 10 and 20 after the virus. There is no cure but a child may receive a vaccine. The parents must not give their children any drugs without talking to a doctor first.


Measles are also a common child skin rash that occurs usually when the child has not yet received full vaccinations. A certain virus called Paramyxovirus causes measles. This virus also causes respiratory diseases. Some of the most common symptoms of measles are fever and bad appetite. There is no treatment for this skin rash but parents should know that it will go away on its own.

Some more types of child skin rash

Apart from chickenpox and measles, a child may also suffer from scarlet fever, rubella, roseola infantum, impetigo and fifth disease.

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