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A lot of people are aware of the fact that the hormonal processes of the organism are working a lot faster during the summer months. Because of that reason a person's hair will grow faster during those months as well. However, because of the heat of the summer rays a person's hair might get damaged. Especially the ends of the hair, they might become fragile and pale. This is the main reason why a person will need to take extra care of his or her hair when autumn months approach. Both hair and the skin of the head will need special care.

During the summer months, a person's hair is more likely to be damaged from the UV rays, to be washed and get in contact with sea water. All these reasons lead to a weaker hair. Normal loss of hair is 40 to 70 hairs but in the fall a person loses up to 120 hairs every day. Because of this a person needs to take good care of the hair if he or she does not want to suffer from hair loss prematurely. The first thing a person should do is talk to his or her health care provider about various ways to take care of the hair and the skin of the head. There are ways a person can regrow his or her hair.

The ends

One of the first steps toward great looking hair is cutting the ends of the hair. During the summer, the ends have a different color from the rest of the hair and also they are splitting anyway. A shorter hair is better for people whose follicles are damaged.

According to the experts, brittle hair should be washed with a shampoo diluted with mineral water. Apart from this, a person should rinse the hair with boiled water. The main reason why this is important is because chlorinated water dries up the hair. Some shampoo types like almond, burdock, nut oil and nettles are excellent for dry hair. A person can also wash the hair with the mixture of beer and boiled water.

Severely damaged hair

If the hair of the person is severely dry a person should make sure that he or she intakes at least one tablespoon of corn oil several times per day. By doing this a person will quickly restore the natural color and quality of the hair and skin on the head. Eating healthy and nutritious foods also helps.

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