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Asthma in children

Asthma is a respiratory system ailment that causes narrowing andswelling of air passages and excessive production of mucus, which makes thebreathing very difficult and the person suffering from it frequently coughs. Apart from coughing, the most common symptoms of this respiratory disorderare wheezing and shortness of breath. When the children suffer from this condition, it is terrifying for them but alsofor their parents who want to have healthy children who do not have to struggleto breath.

The number of children suffering from asthma isincreasing every year due to unhealthy lifestyle. Nowadays, the children spendmuch time in their houses watching television and playing computer games insteadof playing outside and thus engaging their bodies in various physicalactivities. As a consequence, the children become obese. Furthermore, frequent useof antibiotics to treat various ailments leads to the weakening of the immune system. Air pollution is also among the causative factors for the occurrence ofasthma attacks in children.

What you can do if yourchild suffers from asthma

First of all, every parentwhose child or children are suffering from asthma should get the real informationand completely understand why and how it occurs. Thus, the parent can identify theculprits of the asthma attacks in his/her child and eliminate them. In the majority of cases,the asthma triggers are dust mites and pollens, as the main allergens. Furthermore,animal dander, chemicals and various perfumes are also potential causes forinducing an asthma attack in the children. An asthma attack may also betriggered by smoke and food allergies.

If the children haveasthma, their pets should be outside and not in the house. The parents shouldnot smoke in the presence of their sick children, and the use of wood stove inthe house should be avoided. Furthermore, the parentsshould take care of their children by not letting them to perform certain strenuousactivities when the weather is too hot. The bedding should bealways clean and the house should always be well ventilated. Various roomfresheners and toxic products for cleaning should not be used in the home wherethe kids with asthma live. The parents should alsoparticipate in their children health care by controlling the symptoms of the disease andby creating the regimes of medications. The parents whose children have asthmashould always be in contact with the children’s doctor.

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