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Most pregnancy symptoms are completely normal and tell you that your pregnancy is developing as expected. But some, like high blood pressure, need treatment. Which of these symptoms are you experiencing?

Cravings for certain foods

Pregnant women craving certain foods is a world-wide phenomenon. What makes you crave unusual foods during your pregnancy, or foods that you never even liked before you found out you were expecting? The cause is unclear as of yet, but cravings are a fact of life. Giving into them is fine within reason, of course. Some women crave non-food items like coal or sponge. Don't eat those!

Montgomery's Tubercules

Do you have any raised bumps on your areolas, the darker skin that immediately surrounds your nipples? These are called Montgomery's Tubercules and they are caused by a gland in your breast tissue. While Montgomery's Tubercules are an unexpected pregnancy sign for many moms to be, they are totally normal and definitely not anything to worry about.

Enlarged breasts your body is preparing for breastfeeding

Have you suddenly gone from an A Cup to a D Cup? Growing breasts are a sign that your body is preparing to breastfeed your baby once it is born. From the later stage of the second trimester onwards, you may even start leaking colostrum, the first milk you will produce for your baby.

Blood pressure changes hypertension or hypotension

Any blood pressure changes after the 20th week of pregnancy are considered gestational. Normally, low or high blood pressure in pregnancy is not a great cause for concern, but there are exceptions. In some cases, dangerously high blood pressure is a sign of preeclampsia, a serious pregnancy complication only cured by delivering the baby.

Skin changes that pregnancy glow

That beautiful pregnancy glow is no myth! Many pregnant women truly have perfect skin, and look better than they have in a lifetime. Not everyone gets this, but if you are among the lucky women who do, it will appear in the second trimester.

Water retention edema

Have you noticed swollen ankles and feet? Water retention, or edema, is a totally normal symptom of pregnancy, albeit a slightly unpleasant one. Staying hydrated properly can help fight it, and plenty of changes in position are useful too. Check out Second trimester pregnancy signs part 3 if the symptom you were looking for did not appear in this list!

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