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One of the most popular companies in the world of exercise and cardiovascular equipment is Boxflex. Their products represent the cutting edge technology and sell millions of units every year. The owner of this company is Nautilus Inc., which markets the Pearl Izumi, Stairmaster and Schwinn Exercise equipment. Boxflex line of Treadclimbers and SelectTech 552 Dumbbells are two most popular products coming from the Boxflex and the following lines will be dedicated to these products.

SelectTech Dumbbells

These dumbbells are a bit different from the normal dumbbells. They have a SelectTech dial system, which provides 17 weight sets in one unit. You can imagine the advantages of having one dumbbell and 17 different sets of weights. They are great space savers and provide different weight set with a simple turn of a dial. The strength and workout can be increased with this dial from 2.5 lb. to5 lb. or 10 lb., but is determined by each particular model. There are three models with the SelectTech system and they are SelectTech 1090, SelectTech 220 and the most popular SelectTech 552.


TC6000, TC5000, TC3000 and TC1000 are four primary models from this class. They provide you with the walk on a treadmill and a step motion with the two platforms. They lower and rise in separate motion and so the opposite platform raises when one leg is placed down, which will simulate the conditions when you are going downhill. In this one machine you will have the effect of the stair steeper and treadmill combined. Maximum speed of 4 mph is associated with the TC5000 and TC3000 models, while the TC6000 is the high end product with the maximum speed of 4.5 mph. There are other factors that make every model different and those are functions.

Time, distance and speed and three basic functions given in the TC1000 model, while TC3000 has additional functions like total steps, total calories and calories per minute. Heart rate monitor and climb indicator are two extra functions included in the TC5000 model. The top model TC6000 has training programs that are not included in the other machines. Some of such programs are the Golden Gate Bridge, plateau, intervals and cross training. A wireless chest strap is included in the TC5000 and TC6000 models. They have integrated display, which will help you in your weight loss program since it provides the information regarding the heart rate. Boxflex is a quality company focusing on the affordability, efficiency and performance. The healthy lifestyle of many people is due to these machines.

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