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Exercise bike is a type of stationary exercise equipment also known as stationary bicycle, exercise bicycle or Exercycle. This device typically consists of a saddle, pedals and some type of handlebars. This exercise machine, unlike a true bike, does not have any wheels, and it is commonly used for a low-impact cardio training and building up of endurance. Most of the athletes use trainers to warm up before competition or racing. However, these bikes are slowly becoming increasingly popular even among the individuals seeking the simple home workout routine. Many different models, including upright bikes or those in recumbent positions are available in the market. One can also practice on the exercise bike in almost every gym, since these machines fall into the standard gym equipment category.
Benefits of exercise bikes
Exercise bikes are commonly used for exercise and increasing the individual’s general fitness. Most of the people are using these bikes to exercise before participating in real cycling events. This machine is especially good during the winter months, since it provides the unique opportunity to continue with the regular daily cycling routine, despite the bad weather. Exercise bikes are commonly used in rehabilitation and physical therapy, since they are very safe and put a minimal pressure on the joints and ligaments. At the same time, exercise bikes provide fantastic cardiovascular exercise. These machines are also commonly used for weight loss, since they increase an individual’s maximum heart rate and keep it increased for as long as the training goes on. Even increasing the heart pace for only 50%, a person will experience great benefits and build up the fitness level.
Choosing an exercise bike
Before choosing a bike proper for one’s training, a couple of basic facts should be considered. First of all, a person should choose the type of bike. Three basic types are available: upright, recumbent and training cycles. Upright bike is the most common type of exercise bike, which allows a person to sit in a raised position. Recumbent provides lean-back riding position, and it is typically used by people who are recovering from some kind of a knee or back injury, or for those who intend to ride for a long time. Training cycles are typically used for a more advanced workout, for building endurance. These models are normally found in the gyms.
Another important thing to consider before purchasing a bike is its size. Most of the models will take a lot of space. People living in small apartments should choose models with adjustable seat height and adjustable handlebars, to save some space.

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