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The History of Elliptical Exercise Machines

Elliptical workout devices hit the fitness scene during the 90s. These took the world by storm because of their versatility, safety and effectiveness in losing weight and getting into the right physical shape. With ellipticals, people no longer needed home gyms in order to exercise. Rather, they had all of these features in a single machine which was versatile enough for a full body workout.

The first models of elliptical machines had fixed upper handles, providing you with balance while you were exercising the lower parts of your body. Later however, the upper parts were made mobile and were, thereby, included into the exercise process, making it even more effective.

Today, most of the elliptical machines have movable handles which are used for exercising your arms, torso, back and other parts of your upper body. Moreover, elliptical machines of today come with a wide variety of additions, some of which are common and regular and others which are reserved for the most exclusive models.

Regular Features of Elliptical Exercising Machines

The first thing that an elliptical machine has to have is the drive system. Depending on the model, the drive can be front or rear. Rear drive is superior and more natural, usually being a part of more expensive models of these devices. Cheaper models usually have the front drive which is quite uncomfortable to exercise on and does not simulate running very well.

Next, we have the resistance system. Again, cheaper models require you to adjust the resistance manually, while mid-ranged and high-end models have more advanced, motorized brake systems.

Another crucial factor is the stride length. Namely, more affordable models have a completely limited stride which needs to be adequate for you in order to benefit from the elliptical machine of this type. More advanced models have adjustable strides which makes these far more versatile.

Advanced Features of Elliptical Exercising Machines

Many elliptical machine models are equipped with LCD control panels, which are battery-powered. These panels give you maximum control regarding your exercise routine, giving you various information and allowing you to adjust many different aspects of your workout.

The workout modes may be preset for you to choose, or they might be completely programmable. Also, you may have a heart rate monitor as a basic part of your elliptical device. This addition collects information from the handles or through electrodes which you attach to your body before the workout.

Finally, you may have an adjustable incline which can add on to the variety of different workout types your elliptical can provide you with.

Thus, based on your budget, the size of your room, the warranty given, the maintenance required and provided and the features you need, choose your elliptical machine wisely, purchasing it from reliable source, like specialty stores.

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