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Bodybuilding supplements side effects

A lot of people who want to improve the weight of their muscles and athletes nowadays take bodybuilding supplements. Apart from the muscle gain a person will also perform better in whatever sporting activity he or she is involved in.

Are bodybuilding supplements safe?

A person cannot just start using these unless he or she has done some research before. Since the mass of the muscles increases very fast in a very short time it can turn out to be not as helpful for a person who consumes them. There will be no harm done if the supplements are taken in normal doses because they come from natural products. Overuse can cause some problems however and every supplement has a different side effect.

Bodybuilding supplements and their side effects

Creatine is probably the most sought after bodybuilding supplement on the market. Creatine can be taken in either its powdered or capsuled form and the dosage should be some 5 grams but not over 20 grams per day.

Creatine side effectsA lot of people do not know that creatine is an organic acid and it is already present in the body. The purpose of creatine is to absorb water and then deposit it to the muscle cells. Because of this other organs in the body will lack water which will lead to muscle cramps. One of the dangers of creatine is that a person will gain a lot of weight when he or she uses this supplement. A person who uses it may also damage his or her kidneys. If a person has nephritic problems, he or she should talk to a doctor before using this supplement. Apart from these, a person may experience nausea, stomach cramps and such problems.

Caffeine is a stimulant and a person should take no more than 300 mg of it every day. People use it to have more energy.

Caffeine side effectsSome people overuse it in order to gain more energy and then they may experience side effects like heart palpitation, nervousness, diarrhea, acute dehydration and insomnia.

Andro supplement are used for muscle growth. It is usually the athletes who use this supplement and they should intake no more than 200 mg in one day.

Andro supplements side effectsBecause these are testosterone boosters a person may experience baldness, facial hair growth and even breast cancer. Men may suffer from reduced sex drive while women who use it may experience increased sex hormones.

Apart from these a person may use glutamine, nitric oxide, thermogenic supplement, whey protein, multivitamin and mineral supplements. Overuse of nitric oxide for instance may cause nausea, headache, weakness and asthma while a person who intakes too much of glutamine will experience manic depression, stomach upset and a lack of concentration. Almost every person will experience different side effects since not everybody is the same. A person should talk to a doctor before using any of these supplements.

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