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Many people are passionate about rugby. Some play it professionally, while some just play it recreationally but all of them require a certain supplements which can be really helpful in boosting the performance out on the field. There are certain supplements that should be avoided. These include anaboteen, norateen, norateen II, norateen heavyweight, norateen heavyweight II, zandroteen, Zmax and complete. They may be helpful with certain aspects of performance but they may also lead to increased amount of aggression and they can decrease the sex drive.


Numerous different supplements can be beneficial in providing power, strength, speed or muscle mass. Protein, water and glutamine are the three most important and vital ingredients when it comes to building and recovering the muscles. An athlete also requires significant amounts of carbohydrates, but they do not affect the process of recovery in a direct manner.

Protein is very important in building the muscles. The purest and the best protein is whey protein and it is very efficient in repairing and growing the muscle tissue. Protein is actually the only substance that can repair the muscle tissue. Glutamine is actually an amino acid and it is one of the most important factors when it comes to building the muscles.

It is one of the most important supplements for any rugby player because it comes in very handy when it comes to relieving soreness, enhancing the functioning of the immune system and providing remarkable amounts of precious energy. Glutamine is also very efficient in preventing cold and providing an athlete with extraordinary reserves of energy and strength. Every rugby player needs to drink plenty of water in order to be well hydrated at all times. Thirst is the best indication that a person has become dehydrated.

Creatine is another supplement that can be of great help for all rugby players. It is the fastest provider of energy, but some rumors claim that it can trigger certain side effects. The rumors are not true, as creatine is completely effective and totally safe. Nowadays creatine can even be purchased in the form of chew or pills which can come in very handy for those who do not have the time to mix creatine in a more traditional manner. There are also numerous weight gain supplements that can be of great help. Rugby players can also try out various insulin-type products. Among other beneficial supplements fat busters are also worthy of a mention.

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