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Bodybuilding and supplements

Bodybuilding is a physical activity that spreads enormously in the last couple of decades. Partially, this is due to the fact that today’s way of living emphasizes esthetics and good shape as one of the primary goals, which is not a bad thing, since good shape actually prevents a lot of health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, varicose veins, back issues, cardio problems and many, many more. Also, results in bodybuilding with the proper approach are visible after only couple of months. Bodybuilding does not require day-to-day practice; it actually encourages good rest between training sessions, and that is another advantage of this activity.

Of course, right approach includes a lot of preparation, consultation with experts and dedication. And, if the results are expected after only couple of months, supplements must be added in the equation. Leaving healthy diets aside, there are few things that have to be known about best natural bodybuilder’s supplements. One hundred percent natural only come with food, and even then, elements like vitamins can be easily destroyed during food preparation (from boiling, for example). Therefore, supplement products are the next best thing. For many years, in sports other than bodybuilding, using supplement was almost a taboo, but today it is a normal thing and it is even expected from professionals to use some additional, still natural, help in order to achieve the best results.

Natural supplements

There are many natural bodybuilders supplements but let’s start with the standard products for increased muscle growth, protein products. Today, protein products are divided into those that contain whey, soy protein, albumen (commonly found in eggs) and casein. Supplements contain one of those or several, or even all (so called blends). Another way to divide protein products is into low carb products and weight gainers. First one is for reducing and maintaining weight, while the other is for bulking up.

One of the most popular natural supplement products is creatine. It is created in our body, and therefore safe in additional amounts. Its main role is being a source of ATP, adenosine triphosphate, major energy cell in the human body. Increased energy enables bodybuilder to lift bigger weights, and more frequently, thus gaining more effect. Best use is with cycle method, couple of weeks of using and then pausing for the same or shorter period. We should also mention natural testosterone boosters, supplements that help with the secretion of testosterone. Steroids are not included here, since they are not legal because of the side effects. Main thing that has to be known is that these boosters should not be taken at the same time as prohormones.

As for other supplements, amino acids are at the top of the list, followed with anabolic flavones, vitamin cocktails and nitric oxide. Even though supplement products are easily available, it is not recommended to take them on your own, without any consultation with medical expert. Furthermore, medical examination prior to taking any supplement is advised.

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