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Information on Creatine

Creatine is known as one of the most effective supplementsintended and designed for those who want to build their muscles and enhancetheir physical performance. Quite often one may hear that creatine is not thatsafe and that it may also be associated with certain types of side effects.Creatine’s popularity is based on the fact that it is very efficient inaccelerating the muscle size gain which tends to be disproportionate to theamount of exercise. Studies have shown that creatine doubles the muscle gainand it provides a stronger performance when it comes to squats and benchpresses.

Creatine side effects

Some people claim that those who use creatine on a regularbasis may suffer from pulled muscles, muscle spasms and cramps. Numerousstudies have shown that creatine does not trigger any of the aforementionedside effects. Athletes who use creatine do not experience any more injuries ormuscle cramps than those who do not use creatine.

Another research which involved 175 persons has shown thatcreatine may sometimes be affiliated with certain minor side effects. All thesubjects received 10 grams of creatine or placebo on a regular daily basis overthe period of 310 days. Out of all 175 subjects, only 3 of them had to stoptaking creatine because it induced nausea and diarrhea in them. This researchshows that creatine is safe for long term usage. Some people claim thatprolonged use of creatine may interfere with normal functioning of the liver orthe kidneys. A research which involved the member of an American football teamhas shown that those claims could not be further from the truth.

Some isolated cases of painful muscle cramps induced bycreatine have been reported though. Those can be relieved by properhydration. On the other hand, creatinetends to be very protective when it comes to numerous different sorts ofneurological diseases, muscle ailments and heart diseases. It is a little knownfact that creatine can actually be very efficient when it comes to reducing thelevels of bad cholesterol in the blood and increasing the levels of goodcholesterol in the blood at the same time. In cases of cholesterol reduction itmay even be more effective than the exercises utilized for the same purpose.

The bottom line

There are still numerous studies to be conducted whichshould demonstrate whether creatine has any unwanted effects on the liverfunctioning, kidney functioning and blood pressure.

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