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Glutamine side effects

Glutamate and ammonia is what makes glutamine. Glutamine is the most important fuel for the repair of the intestinal cells. It is also needed in order for the intestinal cells to be working properly. Liver has a lot of help from glutamine because it cleanses the liver of the waste products which fat metabolism leaves behind. Positive nitrogen is kept in balance due to glutamine. In addition to that, glutamine helps the cells that develop fast, like immune system lymphocytes and intestinal cell enterocytes for instance. Glutamine is also a type of an amino acid.Muscle tissue is very dependable on glutamine because it is highly involved in the building and the maintenance of these tissues. These supplements can be bought in form of a pill and in form of a powder as well.

Human milk holds a lot of glutamine. When it comes to the human body, glutamine is commonly concentrated in the brain. The blood, for instance, has some 10 to 15 times smaller concentration of glutamine than the cerebro-spinal fluid. Of all the free-form amino acids that are in the muscle tissue, glutamine is the most common.

The regulation of protein synthesis and breakdown can not go through without glutamine. Raw parsley and spinach are known to contain a lot of glutamine. If a person consumes a lot of these vegetables, there is no need for the intake of capsules or powder. Powder is the form of glutamine which is mostly used and is usually consumed in a combination with a protein shake.

Who uses glutamine supplements?

People who are into weightlifting, bodybuilding and such sports use this supplement the most. People who have problems with muscle cramps and people of old age use it as well. This is because glutamine is taken directly by the muscle cells which then allows them to make the volume if the cell gets bigger by drawing the fluid into the cells. The usual intake of these supplements is three times per day. However, there are people who intake huge doses and they take it more often because this way every dose is more manageable. Apart from muscle growth, people who are taking glutamine are known to have a better mood and improved mental alertness and clearness of thinking. Because of this fact it is not so uncommon that the people who sell it refer to it as a type of “brain food”.

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