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Finding best supplements for athletes are not easy, because there are thousands of such products on the market today, and they all have theirs pros and cons. Many if not all of supplements are not adequately tested and FDA approved, so you must use caution, and consult your doctor before start to use any of these supplements.

All of this supplements products can be classified into three categories; creatine products, multivitamins, and protein powders. So here is a short description for some of recommended best supplements for athletes.


Every person is aware nowadays about importance of multivitamins supplements, and in cases of athletes, to choose a good product for use is even more important than with ordinary person. One of the most popular products in multivitamins domain is AST Multi Pro 32X, and it is available in a form of tablets, which makes them more absorbable. Top athletes, especially in area of more demanding sports which require heavy workouts, use this supplement several times per day, because besides multivitamins, it contains antioxidants and necessary nutritions. Also a product called ADAM is very popular and often used by athletes because it contains lowest possible levels of unwanted additional ingredients.


Creatine is a compound that body makes and then uses to store energy. This process of energy storing occurs when molecules of phosphate attach to creatine in order to create creatine phosphate, which later in the body converts into other substances, thus releasing the body energy. Creatine is sold as a dietary supplement and it is one of legal steroid product, very useful in process of increasing muscles volume. There are some possible side effects of prolonged usage of creatine supplement products, such as cardiovascular, digestive or muscular problems and a elevated possibility of cancer.

Most popular products that contains creatine are EAS Phosphagen, and Xyience NOXCG3. Both of theses products contains much more than just a creatine supplement; they also contain scientifically advanced glutamines and Nitric Oxide boosters.

Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide is basically a gas which was accidentally discovered in 1980’, and body produces it naturally for an instant every time the muscle contracted and blood vessel dilated. As soon as technology figured out the way to put that gas into supplements it become widely popular, because of its ability to allow your muscles continuous rush of blood while they contract, helping in the process the blood vessels to open and deliver more successfully muscle building agents into muscles.

Most popular products that contains Nitric Oxide are Cold Fusion, Syntrax and Nitrix by BSN.

Whey proteins

Everybody knows the importance of proteins in muscle build up process. Apart from natural protein supplements, there are designer whey proteins, which are more popular because they taste better. Most commonly used product that contain whey proteins is Syntrax nectar.

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