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Not A Great Cause for Concern

If you happen to notice tiny red spotappearing upon certain areas of your skin, you probably need not toworry since, most of the time, this is not a serious problem. Namely,often, these little traces of blood below the surface of skin arecaused by bleeding, but, it is a minor one. If the spots are takingless than 1.3cm in diameter, the bleeding is minor and there is nodamage to the blood vessels located beneath the skin. However, if thespots are spreading in up to 2cm in diameter, there has probably beensome blood vessel damage and the blood leaked all the way to the skintissue. In both cases the blood is red and/or purple.

Additionally, these spots may appear onany part of the human body, even though they are most seen onforearms, legs, hands and feet. Moreover, especially with women,these little red dots are often seen on the thigh area. Women tend todevelop this condition more often. Nevertheless, men are quite proneto it too, some more than the others. Interestingly, red dots on thelegs tend to disappear slower than those on the upper body parts.Also, the upper ones are prone to moving downwards due to the forceof gravity.

Why Did These Come Out?

There are many different reasons behindthis condition. Often, a certain vitamin deficiency, or malnutritionin general, both may cause skin deterioration resulting in theappearance of these spots even due to minor injuries. Also, thisreduces in skin quality and thickness takes place due to aging.Unfortunately, the reasons may be far grimer. For example, if aperson is suffering from some diseases like lupus, leukemia or someother cancerous diseases which cause blood clotting and otherproblems, these red dots may act as a symptom. Additionally, swellingof the blood vessels, certain blood infections caused by poisoning orsome other factors also act as possible culprits. Finally, geneticsand certain medications may lead to this condition as well.

How May This Be Treated?

In most cases, these spots disappear ontheir own in a period of couple of days. However, sometimes, thesemight go hand-in-hand with swelling and irritation. Then, it is bestto rest, keep the troublesome spot raised above the heart level andapply ice compresses interchangeably with hot showers, neither ofthese lasting for more than 15 minutes.

Finally, if you had been injured beforethe spots appeared, or in any cases of persistent presence of thisskin problem, seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

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