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A lot of people find it difficult to wake up in the morning and are used to drink a cup of coffee before heading for work. Caffeine is an inevitable ingredient in coffee, tea or a chocolate bar, and that is why it is important to understand the relation between caffeine and blood pressure. Why do we, when studying late for an exam, in order to maintain concentration and not fall asleep, drink a lot of coffee and what kind of effect does it have on our body? That fact that there is less caffeine in the coffee or tea than in the chocolate bar is very interesting, so before opening your favorite chocolate, take a look at this text.

Caffeine vs. High Blood Pressure?

It is known that due to caffeine our blood pressure rises and it stays high for a short period of time. That explains our alertness and concentration after a cup of coffee. Caffeine prevents the hormone adenosine from functioning properly and blood pressure rises. But, this relation isn’t yet scientifically proven and we hope that in the future we will explain the full co-relation between caffeine and high blood pressure. Adrenaline also reacts to caffeine, and it increases it also, causing our blood pressure to rise.

Caffeine and High Blood Pressure - The Debate

According to researches, people who consume drinks and sweets that contain caffeine are less likely to develop hypertension than the ones who don’t. It is also proven that if you drink caffeine products for a long period of time, you become tolerant to stimulating effects. If you have normal blood pressure, you shouldn’t restrain yourself from a good cup of coffee as it also has antioxidant properties apart from the mentioned ones. But, people who suffer from hypertension or some heart condition should consult with their doctor about caffeine consumption because they already have elevated blood pressure and the intake of an increased amount of caffeine can damage their health.

Still, not all the products that contain caffeine have the same effect on our body. While the coffee and tea increase blood pressure temporarily, sodas and colas can contribute to hypertension development. Caffeine is classified in drug category, because of its immediate effect on our body. In spite of the researches that prove that caffeine doesn’t have a long term effect on our blood pressure, it is advised to reduce slowly the intake of caffeine.

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