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Pregnancy is a very interesting period in a woman's life simply because it is a time of big changes, regarding both physiological and psychological aspect. Even though in most cases pregnancy is wanted, when it is not, there is an option of ending it, although it is not recommendable. Not because someone wants to deny a woman her freedom of choice, but because there is always a slight percentage of possibility that something will go wrong. Also, even though everything seems ok, there might be some problems with the next pregnancy due to the abortion.

Signs and symptoms

There are the infamous morning sickness and vomiting, along with menstruation being late as the first signs of pregnancy. If a woman suspects she is pregnant, then there are some simple and cheap tests that can be done. All that is needed is purchasing test and using first morning urine. Results are available in the matter of ten or twenty seconds. If the test is positive, a woman might perform blood test for confirming the situation (more reliable, 100% accurate test). After this second test, a woman should visit a gynecologist for further directions, although, there are not much things to actually do, except to take care of health of the organism because that will help the baby and future mother. Bloating as a symptom of pregnancy is expected and increase of the belly size is a firm sign that everything is going as planned and that the baby is growing properly.


There are some things a future mother should be aware of. First of all, the use of medications is forbidden, those can be used only in situations when life of a mother or a fetus is endangered. This is especially emphasized in the first three months of pregnancy. Also, women should be very careful when it comes to eating. Many women eat too much because they are afraid there is not enough nutrients for the baby. The problem is that many women tend to eat unhealthy food, which can only increase the weight and this will not help much.

Also, women should try not to stress out much. This might be a bit difficult task, particularly because of the raging hormones, but a women should try to be calm and transfer that to a child. With constant monitoring of the baby's and mother's health, 9 months should pass like a breeze and a delivery will seem to come much faster than expected. This usually catches parents off guard, but a little time is needed for them to adjust and to become loving and caring father and mother.

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