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A quick timeline of pregnancy:

Week 1

Conception has not happened yet at this point, but week 1 is calculated as part of the pregnancy, as pregnancy officially begins on the first day after the last menstruation.

Week 2

This is the optimal time for intercourse. The body is preparing for ovulation, and the sperm is able to survive for around five days in the uterus.

Week 3

If conception occurred, the pregnancy is now a fact. The mother is not yet aware of the pregnancy, and a pregnancy test would still come back negative at this point. Some women experience implantation bleeding, or spotting.

Week 4

After noticing the lack of a period, the mother can now take a pregnancy test. The fertilized egg has embedded in the lining of the uterus, and the connecting stalk that will turn into the umbilical cord is forming.

Week 5

All the baby\'s essential systems are starting to develop - the brain and the spinal cord, muscles, bones, and the skeleton. Pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, breast tenderness and frequent peeing are obvious to most women by this time. Fatigue is also very widely experienced.

Week 6

The baby is now recogniozable as a bay, and its brain is growing. A heartbeat can be detected this week. Some women are already starting to show around 6 weeks.

Week 7

The baby is a third of an inch long, and the eyes are forming as well as limbs and facial characteristics and internal organs. Mothers are still likely to suffer from morning sickness and might have skin problems because of increased progesterone levels.

Week 8

The baby\'s heart rate is around 140-150. Arms are developing. The mother\'s abdomen is growing too, and she might be suffering from heartburn. Many women make their first prenatal appointment at this time.

Week 9

The baby\'s tail is starting to disappear, and the baby looks more like a human now. All major organs have been formed and the tongue develops this week. Fatigue is widespread in future mothers, but the pregnancy is still not obvious to the outside world.

Week 10

One fourth of the pregnancy has already passed, and the baby has all the components found in grown humans. Maternity clothes might start becoming a necessity for mom now. Veins might become more obvious too.

Week 11

The baby is between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 inches tall now. The baby can kick its legs, but it is still unlikely the mother can feel this movement as of yet. The first trimester is nearly over, and the pregnancy is more stable now. With time, the risk of a miscarriage is becoming less and less. The uterus has extended above the pelvic bones and can be felt.

Week 12

The baby\'s heartbeat can now be heard with a Doppler. The baby is able to swallow and pass fluids. Its fingers and toes have separated and its face looks human.

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