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Pregnancy is one of the most joyful moments in a life of woman, but it does put a body of a future mother under a lot of stress, and one of the consequences is increased weight. Women should eat more while pregnant, but in fear that it is not enough they eat a lot more than actually needed, and once a baby is born, a mother usually has a lot of extra weight, weight which has to go down now.


There are several major shapes of the body and each of those should be performing certain exercises that are great for their shape. There is so-called tube shape, where shoulders, waist and hips are in more or less same line. Yoga is recommended for women with this shape of the body. Next is so-called hourglass. Difference between this shape and tube is in waist line, which is much smaller than shoulders and hips. Nothing but pure cardio is recommended for these women. There are also pear and apple shape. Pear has narrow shoulders with lower body wide, while apple is opposite, wide shoulders with the rest of the body narrow.Exercising

More or less, it all comes down to cardio. Of course, there are several different forms of cardio workout, but it is important to say that whatever is done, it has to be safe for a woman. Delivering a baby is also a shock for the body and some time for recovery is needed. Also, some time will pass until a woman gets used to a new life and new obligations. Only then, and of course, with the approval of the doctor, exercising should start. There is also a fact that taking care of the newborn baby definitely is exhausting, especially if a mother is breastfeeding.

So, what can be done? Mentioned yoga does not require too much strength, it is more about Flexing and extending the body to its fullest, which is great for returning the body to previous state and shape. Running is always a good option, especially for those mothers who need to reduce a lot of weight. To make things easier, purchasing a treadmill will keep the mother physically active, but she will still be in the house, next to her child. Lifting weight, even light one, might not be recommended, because it just might put more strain to the body, which is not what a mother needs, especially not in the first months of her baby’s life.

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