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Just about every woman who is trying for a baby wants to know when she can take a pregnancy test and get an accurate result. Waiting for two weeks after ovulation is not easy, and for many, impatience kicks in during this time. For women who are trying to conceive a baby through Intrauterine Insemination or IUI, the wait might be even harder, and the question about when a pregnancy test can turn up positive more complicated. Women who have use IUI on its own without other medical interventions or fertility drugs are able to take a pregnancy test at the same time as everyone else. Implantation of a fertilized egg occurs around 10 days after ovulation, and that is the very first opportunity to take a test. The hormone hCG will start being produced around this time, and it is possible you might get a positive pregnancy test.

It is better to wait for the day of your missed period before you take a test, because that is the time at which you are able to get the most accurate result. With blood tests, it is possible to get an earlier accurate result. If you used medications containing hCG, it will take around 10 days for that to leave your body totally. Taking a test before 10 or 12 days will result in a positive pregnancy test if you used hCG-containing drugs, simply because pregnancy tests work by detecting this very hormone.

You will still be able to take a test on the day of your expected period. But anyone who has been using medication containing hCG should be aware of a higher chance of getting a false positive, in other words a test showing that you are pregnant, when you are not. If you suspect you are pregnant, by all means take a test, but be sure to contact your healthcare provider to confirm that you are in fact pregnant if you do get a positive result.

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