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Sadly, there are so many unwanted pregnancies in the worldtoday and majority of those ends up with abortion. Abortion itself carriescertain risks for a woman, and unfortunately, there might be some problemsregarding the future pregnancies. So, it would be very wise for both women andtheir partners to learn as much as possible about pregnancy.


What is the most important thing to learn about pregnancy?Well, if a couple or a woman does not want pregnancy to happen, contraceptionhas to be used. There are simply no excuses allowed, because pregnancy might createphysiological problems with serious consequences later in life. There aremany contraceptive tools with almost 100% efficacy, and the cheapest and perhaps mosteffective tool is a condom. Those come in many shapes, colors, even with differenttastes. Men say that they do not like the feeling they get from wearing condomand that during penetration sensations are subdued, but even though thosestatements might be true to a certain level, condom should still be used. And anotherthing, condom not only prevents pregnancy, but also all potentially dangeroussexually transmitted diseases – STDs. Since this is something that no other contraceptivecan manage, it is another bonus point for condoms. Women should be firmwhen it comes to condoms, and persuade the partner to use them. Obviously, thatmight cause some problems sometimes, but, we should not play with our health. Menshould also know that with condoms they protect themselves from STDs and fromdealing with a major problem called pregnancy.

Signs and symptoms

When it comes to signs and symptoms of pregnancy, peopletend to complicate things too much for no obvious reason. Questions regarding pregnancy,something like ''Is cramping a sign of pregnancy?'', morning sickness etc is not thatimportant, because there is a simple test that will within a minute show if pregnancyexists. Yes, it is HCG test, which shows if there is a substance called HCGpresent in woman's organism. This substance is present only when the woman ispregnant. Test is performed easily; a few drops of urine inthe morning is all that is needed, and nothing more. As for mentioned cramping, it might show during the pregnancy, but that is not such a good sign, and pregnant women should visit adoctor immediately. Pregnancy symptoms do include morning sickness, nausea,sometimes even vomiting, and when these signs occur, pregnancy test should beperformed.

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