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Increased values of blood pressure in expectant women

What this article will try to provide is invaluable info on how to naturally decrease high blood pressure in women who are pregnant or increased pressure in women who are not yet gravid but are planning to have a baby in the foreseeable future. There are ways both to cure and to prevent this condition called high blood pressure.

Pressure already high – and planning a baby

In case, a woman intends to become pregnant but is also suffering from high blood pressure, what she needs to do is go visit her doctor, and to get some expert advice. Women who have increased levels of blood pressure can have a perfectly normal and safe pregnancy. However, they are considered to be under greater risk of experiencing difficulties than an average perfectly healthy woman. So it is of utmost importance that women with high pressure be supervised carefully.

A high blood pressure value in expectant women, also called gestational hypertension, is a situation that can potentially pose risk for the mother and the child. Why is it so? High blood pressure is linked to the increase of chances for experiencing stroke and cardiac arrest. What could also happen is heightening of the chances of baby being born ahead of the expected term and delivering a baby weighing too little. Kidneys of a mother, as well as her liver and brain, could sustain damage during pregnancy, induced by the high blood pressure and retention of fluids.

Now, there are prescription drugs to lower the pressure, but they better be avoided if possible, because of the side effects they might induce. A woman does not necessarily need to take medications – there are other means at her disposal, for natural decreasing of the blood pressure.

Nutrition and working out

Proper rhythm and content of the nutrition is extremely important for an expectant woman. Since having optimal body weight is very important, the woman should eat regularly and in appropriate amounts. Eating regularly ensures that metabolism works quickly enough and that the baby gets every nutrient it needs. Also, regular physical exercise can help lower your blood pressure and maintain it in a healthy range.

Other healthy measures

If a pregnant woman seeks to decrease her blood pressure, there are other things she can and should do. For example, since stress is known to be one of the most common culprits behind high blood pressure, she needs to try to avoid stress at all cost, if possible. Meditation is a healthy habit that can bring significant success in decreasing anxiety.

Also, make sure to avoid cigarette smoke, alcohol and too much caffeine. These moves will reduce your blood pressure but also help protect health of the unborn baby.

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