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Hemorrhoids are painful, expanded veins that form in the lower parts of the rectum and anus. They can affect each and every individual but are more common among adults and people who are somehow predisposed to the condition.

Enlargement of veins in the lower rectum and anus is associated with many health problems and unpleasant sensations. For instance, defecation can be quite hard and painful, especially if one is suffering from constipation. Furthermore, these veins are fragile and may be easily injured which subsequently leads to bleeding and presence of blood in stool. If hemorrhoids are large enough, they may even protrude through the anus. Thrombosis of the blood inside the enlarged veins is another problem associated with hemorrhoids. But in spite of all the trouble they cause, hemorrhoids can be treated and if it is necessary, surgically removed.

Hemorrhoids are easily classified as internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids.

Internal Hemorrhoids Causes

Internal hemorrhoids develop as a consequence of an increase in pressure within the internal hemorrhoid veins. Such increase is closely related to different factors. For instance, poor bowel habits and constipation (especially chronic constipation) are major contributors to formation of internal hemorrhoids. Internal hemprrhoids may also develop due to persistent or recurrent diarrhea, obesity, diet rich in fat and with low content of fiber etc. Pregnant women as well as older individuals are more susceptible to internal hemorrhoids and this is why they should pay close attention to bowel movement and their diet in order to prevent condition from developing.Internal Hemorrhoids Home Treatment

If internal hemorrhoids are not severe and cause no serious problems, one may purchase a non-prescription hemorrhoid cream. The cream is applied directly to the affected area after it has been previously properly cleaned and washed. It is essential to follow instructions/directions for usage. Additional help is achieved with tub baths with plain, warm water. These are supposed to be repeated 3-4 times per day. Finally, in order to prevent frequent flare-ups of internal hemorrhoids one is due to make dietary changes and increase daily intake of fluids. Furthermore, by avoiding straining during defecation recurrence of hemorrhoids can be postponed. People suffering from constipation may use stool softeners until hemorrhoids completely heal.

Internal Hemorrhoids Medical Treatment

The goal of medical treatment is to eliminate symptoms and reduce the size of enlarged veins. In moderate and severe forms of internal hemorrhoids when these cannot be controlled with creams patients undergo procedures like rubber band ligation, scleropathy, hemorrhoidectomy and infrared coagulation.

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