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Hemorrhoid Solution

Rough digestion and consumption of unhealthy foods are the most common causes of the strained bowel movement, which is the main reason behind the swollen hemorrhoids. When the treatment of hemorrhoids is in question, we have to say that the food plays a very important part. Fruits and food that are rich in fiber are better for the digestion since the fiber makes the digestion flow better and cleans the stomach as it passes through it. Soft stool can also be achieved via consumption of fiber rich foods. Strained bowel movement is usually caused by hard stools and their removal, and all situations like this can lead to the creation of hemorrhoids. Smooth excretion can be stimulated by making the stool smooth and this will prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids and their swelling as well.

Food List

There are many foods that are rich in fiber, such as leafy green vegetables, and they can improve the digestion process in our bodies. Bananas, papaya and similar fruits are also beneficial, along with the oats and whole grain products. The stool can be made softer by eating watermelon, oranges and other fruits that will make the passage of the stool much softer. Healthy diet cannot include fast food and the take-out restaurant food since they are extremely fatty and filled with unhealthy oil. Also, they can be very spicy and hot, which is not good for the digestion because it will disrupt it. Constipation can often be a result of eating processed foods, and this happens because these kinds of foods harden the stool. So if you cannot eliminate the consumption of such foods, try to reduce their intake.

Body's digestion can also be impaired by the caffeine and alcohol. The body can be dehydrated due to the consumption of alcohol, which can cause inflammation and irritation of the hemorrhoids. So while you are trying to get rid of the hemorrhoids, it is highly advisable to avoid alcoholic drinks. You should also reduce the intake of coffee and caffeinated drinks since the water levels in the body can be decreased by them. They can also lead to the inflammation of the hemorrhoids. Try to eliminate energy drinks and coffee, or if you cannot do this, reduce their intake. Diet that incorporates fiber rich foods also has to include a lot of water. During the day, you have to drink no less than 6 glasses and this will remove harmful materials from the body and make the stool softer. Know that all liquids are not the same so you cannot drink juice instead of water. The best choice is pure water.

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