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Hemorrhoids are swollen and inflamed veins which originate form the wall of the anus and lower portion of the rectum. These painful bumps can bleed easily and cause significant trouble and discomfort to a sufferer.

Hemorrhoids are generally associated with constipation and any prolonged straining during bowel movement. They also develop due to increased pressure inside the affected veins. Such increase of pressure affects obese people, pregnant women as well as those who spend too much time sitting.Prevention of Hemorrhoids

The best thing one can do in order to prevent hemorrhoids is to maintain the stool soft. This way the process of defecation will be smooth and will not cause any straining. Therefore, the chance of developing hemorrhoids will significantly reduce.

There are many ways to keep the stool soft and have regular bowel movement. One of them is to opt for a diet rich in fiber. By consuming plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains etc. bowel movement increases, the stool becomes rich in volume and contains optimal amount of water, therefore, it is much easier to pass. Such diet is particularly recommended in people suffering from constipation.

One more solution for people who do not take enough fiber is to try fiber supplements. Namely, for those who do not take optimal and desirable amount of 20-35 grams of fiber per day the problem can be solved with certain fiber supplements. However, it is essential to remember that even if one opts for fiber supplements, he/ she must continue taking sufficient amount of water each and every day.

Additional Prevention

Furthermore, constipation, slow bowel movement and hemorrhoids are also associated with improper intake of water. Optimal intake of fluids includes at least 8 glasses of water or other liquids each day.

One more way to avoid hemorrhoids is to stop straining and holding breath while defecating. This increases the pressure in rectal veins and may contribute to hemorrhoids. It is also necessary to defecate as soon as the urge occurs and never wait to pass stool because this way the stool may become hard and more difficult to pass.

Apart from proper diet and suitable ways to defecate one should also engage in any kind of physical activity. By staying active one can prevent constipation. Regular physical activity reduces the pressure on rectal veins. This particularly refers to people who spend too much time sitting or even standing. They can, for example, have frequent breaks and move around, reducing increased rectal venous pressure which can eventually cause hemorrhoids.

If, in spite of all the means of protection, an individual eventually ends up with hemorrhoids he/she is due to consult a health care provider and will be treated accordingly.

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